Revolution (Stronghold)

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Revolution (Stronghold)

Revolution is a safe and monthly topical medication which is applied over the skin on the back of the neck in both cats and dogs. It is not necessary to massage. It helps in preventing and controlling the heartworm, fleas, ear mites and parasites such as roundworms and hookworms. It also kills the adult fleas resulting in the breakage of the whole life cycle.
It is suggested for,
Dogs at the age of 6 weeks or over (No weight limitation).
Cats at the age of 6 weeks or over (No weight limitation).
Safe for pregnant and nursing pets.

Break the life cycle of flea.
Safe and ease to use.
Whole month protection.
Water proof.
Fight against the parasitic infections.
Treats Sarcoptic mange in Dogs.
Kills Ear mites.
How it works:
The bloodstream of dogs and cats contains an active ingredient called Selamectin, which helps in preventing the heartworm infections. Once the Revolution has been applied over the skin, Revolution penetrates the skin and enters into the bloodstream of your pet and makes the Selamectin to redistribute over in the blood stream. Now, the active ingredient kills the adult fleas, American dog ticks, ear mites and also controls flea eggs form hatching. It is also known as anthelmintic, as it fights against the parasitic worms from generation.
Side effects are very rare, only 1% of pets show signs of indigestion. It is strictly not advised for pets which are ill and underweight.
Manufacturer: Pfizer

Specification: Revolution (Stronghold)


Color ,Pets ,Weight (lb) ,Weight (kg) ,selamectin

Mauve ,Puppies & Kittens ,0 – 5lbs ,0 – 2.5kg ,15mg/0.25ml

Blue ,For Cats ,5.1 – 15lbs ,2.6 – 7.5kg ,45mg/0.75ml

Purple ,Very Small Dogs ,5.1 – 10lbs ,2.6 – 5kg ,30mg/0.25ml

Brown ,Small Dogs ,10.1 – 20lbs ,5.1 – 10kg ,60mg/0.5ml

Red ,Medium Dogs ,20.1 – 40lbs ,10.1 – 20kg ,120mg/1.0ml

Teal ,Large Dogs ,41.1 – 85lbs ,20.1 – 40kg ,240mg/2 ml



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