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Comfortis is the first FDA approved chewable beef flavored tablets for dogs. It kills the fleas and prevents flea infestation for the whole month. It starts killing the fleas within 30 minutes of dosing and works 100% effective within 4 hours. Its acts as water proof, as swimming or bathing does not diminish the product’s efficiency.
Dosage and administration
Comfortis tablets are administered orally at a recommended dose of 45-70mg/kg bodyweight.



It is applicable only for the dogs at the age of 14 weeks or older.
Seek veterinary advice before using for pregnant or lactating animals, breeding males and for dogs with pre-existing epilepsy.

Immediate action within 30 minutes from dosage.
Works for the whole month.
Destroys the entire life cycle by killing the eggs and larvae.
Chewable tablet so can be orally given or mixed with foods.
Environmental friendly.
How it works:
Comfortis has an active ingredient called Spinosad. It is the basis for nerve excitation within the insect’s nervous system, leading to muscle contraction, paralysis and rapid death of target pests. It starts killing the fleas within 30 minutes of dosage.
It may cause side effects, including vomiting, depression, anorexia, scratching, ataxia and itchiness, redness of the skin, diarrhea, seizures and hyper salivation. If you found any of the symptoms on your dogs, do contact your veterinarian immediately. If the dogs had given the over doses of ivermectin to treat non-responsive demodectic mange, then the dog would develop the sign of ivermectin toxicity and this may develop serious vomiting. So, talk with your dog, whenever your dog’s habit is changed.

Specification: Comfortis


EU mg USA mg USALbs EU Kgs

UK COMFORTIS CAT/DOG MAUVE :6 PACK 90mg n/a 3.3 – 4.9 1.3 – 2

UK COMFORTIS CAT/DOG YELLOW :6 PACK 140mg 90mg 5 – 10 2.1 – 3

UK COMFORTIS TOY DOG PINK :6 PACK 140mg 140mg 5 – 10 2.2 – 5

UK COMFORTIS SMALL DOG ORANGE :6 PACK 270mg 270mg 10 – 20 5 – 10

UK COMFORTIS MEDIUM DOG GREEN :6 PACK 560mg 560mg 20 – 40 10 – 20

UK COMFORTIS LARGE DOG BLUE :6 PACK 810mg 810mg 40 – 60 20 – 30

UK COMFORTIS EX LGE DOG BROWN :6 PACK 1620mg 1620mg 60 – 120 30 – 60



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